Templars of The Inquisition

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Templars of the Inquisition

  Some perils are too dangerous to confront, even for an Inquisitor. To assist their agents, the Legates of the Seat of Internal Affairs have a specialised armed corps at their disposal : the Templars of the Inquisition. Well above the ranks of the Templars of the Griffin, the members of this almost monastic order have nothing to do with their old brothers and devote their existence to making the one Truth be respected. Their combat techniques are very similar, and a fierce rivalry now opposes the Inquisition and the Temple.
  This pack contains 2 metal miniatures. White Metal. Confrontation (Rackham) Templars of the Inquisition.

Reviews (1)
Pleasantly surprised by the speed of shipment and the quality of the figures. I will buy more
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