The Ballistae of the Lion

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The Ballistae of the Lion

  The Kelts charged the Lion’s fortifications. Outnumbered by two to one, the warriors of Alahan didn’t have a chance. Their general ordered a strategic retreat. The barbarians made fun of their opponents. The madmen! Once they had come within range of the hastily raised batteries of ballistae, their assault was halted by a hail of stones. Lacking protection, the Kelts were decimated by the swarm of whistling projectiles. The Lions, victorious thanks to their strategy, launched a counteroffensive that swept away the tribes of Avagddu’s dreams of conquest.
  Ballistae can be armed with three different types of projectiles: spears (Heavy artillery) that can reach altitude level 2; boulders (Light artillery with zone effect) to be used in all kind of situation, and loose stones (Heavy artillery with zone effect), which are perfect for mowing down foot soldiers at short range. Their servants are presented with three different abilities: Minelayer, Mechanic/4 and Sapper/5.
  The Ballistae of the Lion - This box includes 9 metal miniatures (3 ballistae and 6 servants).

Reviews (1)
The miniatures were well packaged. The box with the order was intact without damage. good quality miniatures. expressive details. I will gladly order again from this online store.