Standard Bearer (porte-icone du Griffon)

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Bearer of Legends: Standard Bearer (porte-icone du Griffon) Miniature

Rise Above: Standard Bearer Collectible Miniature

   Introducing the prestigious "Standard Bearer (porte-icone du Griffon)" miniature from Rackham's Confrontation collection. Elevate your tabletop experience with this captivating collectible, a symbol of honor, valor, and unwavering dedication.

A Symbol of Glory and Honor

   The "Standard Bearer" miniature stands as a testament to Rackham's dedication to detail. Each meticulously sculpted element captures the essence of the Griffon's majesty, making this collectible a stunning centerpiece for your collection and battles.

Lead with Distinction, Ignite the Spirit

   Command your forces with the Standard Bearer's resolute presence. This miniature exudes a sense of leadership and inspiration, rallying your troops and instilling a sense of unity as they march under the banner of the Griffon.
Immerse Yourself in Epic Narratives
   Bring your battles to life with the "Standard Bearer" miniature. Whether you're recreating historical clashes or penning your own sagas, this collectible adds depth and character to your Confrontation universe, making each scenario a true spectacle.
Personalize Your Hero
   Assemble, customize, and paint the "Standard Bearer" miniature to make it your own. Your artistic touch will transform this collectible into a unique masterpiece, embodying your vision and adding a touch of grandeur to your games.

   Don't miss the chance to own the "Standard Bearer (porte-icone du Griffon)" and infuse your Confrontation battles with honor, leadership, and the indomitable spirit of the Griffon. Unite your forces and let this miniature be the beacon of glory on your gaming table.

   Material: White Metal. This pack in contains 1 metal miniatures: Confrontation (Rackham) Standard Bearer (porte-icone du Griffon).
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