Cynwall Varsyms

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Cynwall Varsyms

   Cynwall Varsyms are often the first Cynwäll warriors to strike at the opponent. Some of the battles fought by the Republic of Lanever have become famous thanks to these scouts who specialize in surgical strikes.
   As soon as the first charge is launched, the Cynwall Varsyms come out of cover and rush on the most important opponents in a fatal assault. Deprived of its staff, its artillery or its support forces, the enemy army is already on one knee. No sooner have the Warlords realized the situation than the Cynwall Varsyms have vanished and are preparing to strike again.
   Material: White Metal. This pack in contains 2 metal miniatures: Confrontation (Rackham) Cynwall Varsyms.

Reviews (1)
Quinn Ross
Quinn Ross
Great Quality Product, took a while to be delivered how that was out of the sellers control so over great quality and worth the wait. Didn't expect it to be original.